Old School uncool….

Back in the day, some may remember these hateful little devices. Security was all the rage and some insurers demanded they be fitted to everything.

While the bike is stripped, I’ve taken the opportunity to remove the old immobiliser eliminating any chance of it failing and returning it back to it’s factory condition. This had an old 90’s GT immobiliser which featured the little button tab coin transponder that you press to the metal plate. The gubbins are housed in a big heavy metal box!

The wiring was also quite messy and unsightly.

This gave me the opportunity to clear up all the wiring…first off, exposing the connections;

Tracing all the immobiliser wires back…note battery positive is disconnected to prevent any accidental electrical system damage.

Below, the immobiliser wiring is removed and the factory wiring has been re-taped and neatened up, I have used velcro securing straps instead of zip ties so they don’t scuff the sub frame.

That’s much better!!

Out with the old!! I’ve managed to source a new OE carbon effect side panel to replace this one which has had the immobiliser receiver drilled into it!

I feel so much better with this all taken out, the bike is now returned to it’s factory condition 🙂

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