Full Metal Jacket!!

What’s any self respecting Adventure Bike without it’s battle armour? The mighty Capo gets it’s war cry on…along with a suite of new Hepco and Becker boxes.

After scouring the internet for pictures of a similar setup, I simply couldn’t find any photos of the latest Hepco Xplorer panniers fitted to a Caponord. I knew that I wanted metal top opening panniers and top box.

I was torn between 30 or 40 litre side panniers, the top box was an easy 45L unit. I opted for 40 litre panniers in the end, if a job’s worth doing…no half measures here. I don’t need to filter and ultimately I’d rather have the extra capacity when on tour.

The Hepco frame is the perfect item for the Caponord, since Aprilia used this exact frame on their Rally Raid special edition.

Fitment was spot on as one would imagine for what is in effect an oem piece. The boxes are stunning and the whole setup fits the Capo as though it were made exclusively for this bike. Equal size panniers left and right and a total capacity with the top box of 125 litres, this is before strapping any additional items on top of them if required.

My only gripe is that although the body is metal, the corners and bases are a hard plastic which makes me question their longevity. I would have preferred to have seen more metal however I’m not venturing off road so this should be fine.

All of the boxes are securely latched and locked onto the frames and easily removable in moments with the bright red key, one of which is conveniently suited to fit all three boxes.

I can report that they have been trialled at triple figure speeds and remain perfectly secure at up to 120-130 Leptons.