Hot off the press…

The February 2020 edition of Practical Sportsbikes has landed. Alas, the ZXR didn’t make the front cover picture, but it is mentioned on the front cover at least!! (Bottom right hand corner!)

Better yet though, “My blood runs cold, my memory has just been sold, my Angel is the Centrefold, Angel is the Centrefold!!”

You’ll have to buy the magazine to read it in full so I don’t get lynched for reprinting without permission!

The issue comes out exactly three years after first clapping eyes on her. In fact, here we are on the 4th of Feb 2017…resplendent with a sold tag on the handlebar!

Jim Moore kindly followed up the article with some Hi-res photos, taken by photographer Stuart Collins. Some of these didn’t feature in the article so I’m thrilled to have some proper hi res pics and also some behind the scenes shots.

Jim hamming it up for the camera…
Nice screensaver!
Getting ready to ‘gas it up’
Just gassing…
The conversation didn’t stop all day! I think Jim gave up with the pad and pen!

An extract of Jim’s concluding words;

“We all know how ZXR’s howl at high rpm like creatures of the night, and their road presence is every bit as aggressive and seductive as it ever was….Despite its vintage, the ZXR has lost none if its class. Getting to sample exactly how Kawasaki intended it to feel is a real privilege.”