Testing, testing…

While everything is apart I decide to do a compression test. These can vary widely depending on gauge used etc. My gauge set is designed for car engines and therefore the hose itself is about 10mm diameter. This means that a motorcycle specific meter (Kawasaki gauges have a 3mm diameter hose) would likely yield a higher figure. The more important metric is to check that both cylinders are reading a similar amount rather than the outright figure. With this in mind, the reading looks a little on the low side for the lower cylinder.

However on checking the upper cylinder, the result is much the same, in fact, it’s identical 🙂

The above test was taking with a cold engine. On a hot engine and some more vivid application of the kick starter, both yield 105psi.

The spark plugs are also looking a nice healthy shade after a run.

Although I’ve purchased some Iridium plugs, I haven’t fitted them yet, preferring to make sure it is all running perfectly first as is, then hopefully I can measure (albeit subjectively) any perceived improvements when I swap to iridium.

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