ZXR Oil Change 500 miles

500 mile oil change carried out today. (Bang on 500 miles ). Took the bike for a run to check the brakes following the refurb and they are now working stupendously. The oil was warmed through and on return I drained it straightaway.

This was the thin Millers competition running in oil.

New oil is Silkolene Pro4 10w40. New Kawasaki oe oil filter and sump washer.

Side fairing removed to access oil filter

Oil filter behind the headers. New filter fitted and sump bolt torqued to 20Nm as per book.

Nice red oil colour through the sight glass!

All ready for the next phase of running in which allows 6k rpm for the next 500 miles, at least this will top out at 90mph now rather than the first 500 miles stuck at no more than 60mph.

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