ZXR Brake caliper refurbishment Part 2 Reassembly

3 weeks later and the calipers are ┬áback from the powder coaters…

I had to clear off some overspray from the mating surfaces but all came up ok. The colour match is close to the original although being powdercoated the finish is glossier rather than satin but hopefully more resilient.

Picture below shows the colour match against the stock rear caliper.

Some red rubber grease to grease the piston seals as advised per the workshop manual.

All laid out ready for reassembly;

Seals installed into the caliper bores.

Pistons Installed. Red rubber grease excess cleaned off after photo.

Caliper joining seals inserted and caliper halves bolted together to specified torque…

All assembled

EBC HH Sintered brake pads going in to provide a more modern braking experience! Ceramic anti seize grease is applied to the backs of the pads and the slider pin

Pads fitted…

Anti rattle plate installed

…and finally nearside caliper fitted to the bike ­čÖé mounting bolts torqued to 34nm . Brake hoses fittings torqued to 25nm and fitted with new washers. Bleed nipples should be torqued to 7.8nm.

Offside caliper undergoing the same rebuild procedure; all bolts test fitted to ensure threads are clear, clean and free

Seals and pistons installed…caliper joining gallery seals also visible to right body below…

Caliper halves reunited with joining seals carefully positioned and assembly bolted down and torqued down to 21nm.

Offside calipers bolted up…

The System was then bleed which takes a fair amount of patience, gravity bleeding and pumping the lever. Eventually the lever pressure built up. Front wheel would free spin to 20 revolutions without pad drag with a simple hand spin. Once both calipers installed and pumped up, this would drop to between 6-7 revolutions. Quite a difference from the 1.5 revolutions at the outset!!

Next up will be rear caliper overhaul…

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